Why You Should Forget Facebook – (by Jeff Bullas)

Vergeet Facebook?

In het artikel Why You Should Forget Facebook schrijft Jeff Bullas over de evolutie van Facebook - vergeet Facebook? - en de opkomst van het Google eco-model. Hieronder vind je het begin van het artikel en de link naar de volledige tekst.

Has Facebook got you fooled?

Are you chasing likes for your brand page?  Paying for fans? Maybe it’s time to stop.

In 2008 I joined Facebook. It was the first social media network I decided to place a stake in as my online social media home. It was fun, frivolous and free. Everyone was discovering the power of multimedia sharing of their life with friends and family. Facebook obsession was apparent and addictive. It was the new digital drug of choice and 6 years later it is the world’s largest social media playground.

What made Facebook cool was that you saw “all” your friends updates.  It was hard to miss a “what I had for breakfast” share and see the latest drama and joy in a friends life. What you shared appeared.

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